Yin Win Htike

Senior PHP Developer

I’m a PHP backend developer with experiences in structuring database design, developing and implementing web applications. Strong analytical skills in web development industry using PHP Laravel and Zend framework.

I graduated Science Degree with Honours in Computer Science from University of Dagon and I have got Master Degree in Computer Science from University of Yangon.

In my academic study, I have learned the theory of software engineering, programming languages, artificial intelligence and web-based technology.

Additionally, I am actively involved in activities inside and outside of campus as well as an active member of the student association. I like reading books, watching K-drama, walking, writing novels and listening to music.

What kind of programming skills do you want to acquire in Tech Fun Myanmar?

Language, Communication and Empathy

What kind of projects do you want to do in the future?



What is something that you keep in your mind when you work?

Mutual Respect

Tell me about popular programming languages and why that programming languages are popular in Myanmar.

Javascript. It is useful in building major online video games, live websites, and widget and application for Android and computers.