Win Htet

Senior Web Designer

I graduated B.A (History) from Dagon University. Although I have not got an IT degree, I completed Graphic Design and Web Design Diploma in Computer Arts.

I started working as a Graphic and Web Designer and now, I have 8+years experience in Graphic and Web design field. My hobby is watching movies in my free time, studying and learning about design and reading the book. Now I’m learning about UI/UX to upgrade next level of my career.

What kind of programming skills do you want to acquire in Tech Fun Myanmar?

I want to acquire JavaScript in Tech Fun Myanmar. But I don’t have a programming logic skill and I have got a headache when i think about the programming logic. 😀 That’s why I’m doing the designer.

What kind of projects do you want to do in the future?

I want to do a UI/UX design project(eg. Website UI design, App design) in the future without including coding.


What is something that you keep in your mind when you work?

As a designer, the idea is to create a design that user will keep in mind, as well as to create the design that will be friendly with user experience.

Tell me about popular programming languages and why that programming languages are popular in Myanmar.

I think JavaScrpit becomes popular in the World and Myanmar day by day. Lots of JS frameworks have been released based on JavaScript. For example, Node JS, React JS, Vue JS and Angular JS, are becoming more and more popular. I think JavaScrpit is important and useful when developing backend(Node JS) and frontend.