Thant Zin

Senior iOS Developer

I graduated from Computer University Yangon and completed Diploma in English. I have 6 year experiences in mobile application development. Mainly I have developed iOS, sometime Android and Unity.

As a past career, I was working as a researching leader, main job was web and mobile application developer and sometime recruitment, sale and marketing.

But right now, I am mainly focusing on mobile application development. I like playing the mobile game very much and sometime learning new technologies in my free time.

What kind of programming skills do you want to acquire in Tech Fun Myanmar?

I would like to acquire new technologies such as Flutter and Swift UI as a mobile developer.

What kind of projects do you want to do in the future?

I would like to challenge standalone projects such as Unity and Flutter and expand knowledge in iOS as well.


What is something that you keep in your mind when you work?

As a software engineer, I am usually focusing on coding quality and deadline.

Tell me about popular programming languages and why that programming languages are popular in Myanmar.

As current, Flutter is one of the most popular as a mobile cross-platform and python becomes popular for AI development.