Kaung San Kyaw

Senior Java Developer

I graduated BSc(BIT) from University of Greenwich. I have nearly 4 years experiences as a Software Engineer. I mainly using Spring and Hibernate for the backend and Angular for the frontend. I also love to do mobile technologies like Ionic and Flutter. For the backend, I also expand my knowledge in node using nest.js.

I also do the server administration part. So, I am familiar with unix like system and CLI, the interface I love to use mostly.

I like to play around with terminal commands and tools like Vi/Vim, IDE and scripting. I love to read the source code of the popular open-source projects and analyzing the reasons of the design patterns used in those projects.

What kind of programming skills do you want to acquire in Tech Fun Myanmar?

I want to expand my knowledge in Flutter using functional reactive programming paradigm and Security in backend services using cloud.

What kind of projects do you want to do in the future?

Projects that can support environment and people.


What is something that you keep in your mind when you work?

bugs ???? 😀

Tell me about popular programming languages and why that programming languages are popular in Myanmar.

PHP -> most think it is easy to learn.
JS -> for frontend and backend