System overview

Scaffolding App is 3D Unity project which provides the calculation of how many iron board, step, stair, poll and so on is needed in a building. The system provides only Android.

Architecture diagram

Development scale

Provide only Android.

Development period

10 Months Development Period

Scope of Development

We have started with a basic mockup design by confirming with clients. After confirming it, we started coding implementation by using Unity. During coding phrase, we were usually consulting current issue and structure of the project. After coding implementation, we have started unit testing and then continue integration testing. Finally, we successfully released a project to the client.

What kind of skills did you get?
Thant Zin

I got a lot new technological skill such Unity, C#.

What is the thing that you struggled with the most?
Thant Zin

Struggled about construction usage and Unity infrastructure.