New Employee Training

If you are an hiring engineer, we will provide programming training using the Java language.
The training period is 3 months for inexperienced persons and 1 to 3 months for experienced persons depending on their knowledge and skills.

The training is not a lecture format, but is a format in which you will proceed while writing the program while watching the original teaching materials of “StudySmile (e-learning)”, so you can work without getting bored. Starting with the basics of Java, learning the database, linking the Java and the database, and extending to Servlet / JSP, the teaching materials provide a solid understanding of the basic contents.

You will also learn about Spring Boot, the mainstream framework, so you can learn more practical and applied technologies.

Orientation Business manners, IT basics, development process, flowchart
Java basics Java basics, classes, frequently used classes, array encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, exception handling, input / output streams, collections, JavaBeans, hands-on exercises, unit tests
Database SQL / Java database Database SQL, JDBC, practice exercises, unit test
Java server side Web outline and HTML, servlet basics, JSP and linkage cookies and sessions, database linkage, practical exercises, implementation testing
Spring framework Spring Overview, Spring Boot Basics, View Controller, Input Check Function, Database Linkage, Practice Exercise
Testing framework Test method, Junit, DBUnit basics, JMockit basics, hands-on practice

During the training, the senior employees will follow up as mentors. Most of the mentors themselves have started from inexperience, so they will consult with you kindly.

After the training is completed, they will leave the instructor or mentor and finally be assigned to a production project. In the production project as well, senior employees will provide on-the-job training and follow-up for up to one year. You will gradually get used to it while realizing growth through the project.