Project Manager / Leader

Application Requirements

Project Manager / Leader

Employement Status Permanent
Education Professional Graducate or Higher
Language English (Intermediate)
Years of Experience 5+ Years
Probation Peroid 3 Months
Workplace In-house
Recruitment Background We are not only an offshore company of Japan but also a special company providing our own application services all over the world with high level skills. In offshore business, the number of contracts from end-user companies has increased in recent years, and there is an increasing need for immediate management PM / PL to promote management and upstream processes such as project management, requirement definition, and negotiation with clients.
Techincal Area: Java, Python, Android, iOS, PHP
Qualification Requirements


  • 5+ years experience in total in a software development field using Java, Android, or iOS
  • 1+ year experience of project management for more than 5 people
  • Interest in advanced technologies
  • Solid understanding of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Experience of negotiation with customers
  • Experience of making quotations or proposals
  • Experience of WBS schedule management for project members


  • Cloud Knowledge
  • Ability to understand the latest technologies
  • Experience of proposing to customers
Expected Monthly Salary 15+ LKs