Mote Lone Yay Paw 2019

Mote Lone Yay Paw 2019


The yearly Mote Lone Yay Paw event was held, So I would like to show you that.

Mont lone yay paw, meaning round snack on the water, is a traditional Burmese sweet snack made by combining glutinous rice flour, water, and salt.

The combination is shaped into smooth balls, which are then typically filled with palm jaggery or palm sugar.

Mont lone yay paw is typically prepared for festive occasions such as Myanmar New Year (known as Thingyan or Water Festival).

Tech Fun Myanmar holds a Mote Lone Yay Paw event every year to help employees interact and fun.

Making Mote Lone Yay Paw and eating together also helps to relieve stress and is very refreshing.

With familiar hands, everyone seems to be having fun!

Mr. Tun Lin Aung, our General Manger, had fun and hard times by eating Mote Lone Yay Paw as he ate the spicy one.

Sometimes, we added spicy ingredient inside Mote Lone Yay Paw to make more fun. But don’t worry that we’ve prepared the juice for everyone to cover

from spicy if you unfortunately ate. 😀

Everyone was delighted and it was a Mote Lone Yay Paw event with a smile all the time.

That’s it for the Mote Lone Yay Paw event!

Look forward to next time. (^ O ^)