Tech Fun’s Company Trip 2020

Tech Fun’s Company Trip 2020

This year, Tech Fun “Company Trip” start on January 31, 2020!

We went to the Ngwesaung beach and it located in 48 km west of Pathein, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar.

The purpose of the company trip is for us to give our employees to be relieved the stress from their work and daily life.

In other words, the trip also aimed for creating teamwork between employees and give more connection among the employees.

We went to the snorkeling and diving in some islands of near Ngwesaung beach. The fun really began since the first day of the trip.

After the sunset, we all enjoy the bonfire party, launching firework and watch the grand display. Some members are listening the music and some are
dancing in the sand.

Our members had a lot of fun during the trip, wow! unforgettable memories!!!

That’s it for the Tech Fun’s Company Trip 2020!
Look forward to next time. (^ O ^)